EIV Capital invests growth equity in businesses committed to a reliable and sustainable energy future. Our portfolio reflects the value creation made possible through collaborative partnerships between entrepreneurial management teams and experienced energy investors.

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as of September 2022
$2.0+ billion
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“Our team focuses on helping entrepreneurs build and expand quality businesses to serve their customers and communities, with an emphasis on reliable, environmentally responsible, and safe operations.”

Patricia Melcher

Co-Founder / Managing Partner, EIV

“EIV Capital supports teams as they build and operate sound businesses that thrive in a variety of market conditions. This allows EIV Capital to pursue niche opportunities and support our partners as they grow their companies into stable, profitable enterprises which are attractive to a diverse buyer universe.”

Jennifer Gottschalk

Partner, EIV

“Based upon our team’s depth and diversity of energy expertise, EIV Capital seeks to quickly understand the business, capital needs and leadership requirements necessary for a potential investment to achieve long-term growth and profitability.”

Patricia Melcher

Co-Founder / Managing Partner, EIV

“This environment presents opportunities for both first-time and repeat entrepreneurs to identify inefficient or underutilized assets and work with capital providers, such as EIV Capital, to enhance operations, improve customer service and drive returns.”

David Finan

Partner, EIV

“Opportunities exist and can be profitable regardless of size, market cycle or geography. The key is to focus more on the likelihood of value creation for the customer and company and less on the size of the project.”

Greg Davis

Partner, EIV

Sector Focus

EIV Capital is an experienced investor in the energy industry across multiple market cycles.

Energy Infrastructure

Businesses that develop, buy and operate infrastructure needed to provide safe, reliable energy to those that need it.

Emissions Management &
Renewable Energy

Companies that produce renewable energy, reduce pollutants and improve air quality

Energy Value Chain

Opportunistic investments across the rest of the energy value chain

Active Investments