The cornerstone of EIV Capital’s investment strategy is to partner with entrepreneurs, and to provide capital and operational experience to create long-term value for our stakeholders.

We seek investments which are commodity tested and built to withstand market changes, regardless of the environment.

Typical Equity Investment


With the ability to expand
beyond $200 million


EIV Capital is an energy-focused growth equity investor. By limiting the number of our investments, our team has the opportunity to:


While EIV Capital focuses on North American energy companies, we believe we are well diversified across the value chain. Since 2010, EIV Capital has invested in renewable energy, including:

EIV Capital remains committed to the energy transition and the communities our portfolio serves.

EIV Capital makes no claim to adhere to any particular environmental, social, and government (“ESG”) framework and, there is no guarantee that EIV Capital will engage in any particular ESG-related practice, or will be able to adequately implement ESG initiatives, if at all. Certain statements herein relating to characterization, goals, targets, intentions, or expectations are based on EIV Capital’s assumptions or subjective views, which are subject to change without notice, and should not be relied upon.

Our Cornerstone:

Strategic Partnerships between
Portfolio Management Teams and EIV Investment Teams