Our Commitment

EIV Capital responsibly invests with companies who endeavor to create long-term value for all stakeholders. EIV Capital emphasizes integrity, environmental stewardship and employee health and safety along with appropriate governance to protect the needs of our investors and the communities in which our investments operate.

Case Studies

Amp Americas II produces carbon-negative transportation fuel. Every year their renewable natural gas facilities expects to eliminate CO2 emissions equivalent to:

miles driven by passenger vehicles
acres of forest land CO2 consumption

Source: Portfolio company data as of December 2021, and EPA GHG Equivalencies Calculator

Vapor capture technology helps reduce emissions and flaring on well site operations by capturing the GHG equivalent to approximately:

metric tons of CO2 per year
miles driven by an average car per year

Source: Portfolio company data as of June 2021, and EPA GHG Equivalencies Calculator

By improving reliability and reducing flaring, the team, in 12 months, decreased reportable SO2 emissions at one of its processing plants equivalent to:

pounds of coal burned in a year

Source: Portfolio company data as of September 2021, and EPA GHG Equivalencies Calculator

The Viridis team is currently building an ethanol processing plant that is designed to produce more than:

metric tons of ethyl acetate per year from:
renewable feedstock

Source: Portfolio company data as of February 2022

H2O Midstream’s “truck free” water transportation pipeline network will eliminate more than:

truck hauls per year
metric tons of CO2 emissions

Source: Portfolio company data as of July 2021

Our Core Values

Diversity of Thought

EIV Capital believes a diverse investment team brings a wide range of perspectives which can improve the investment process and fund performance.

Environmental Commitment

EIV Capital has successfully invested in clean energy for over 10 years, and we will continue to navigate ‘new imperatives’ as energy markets continue to evolve.

Health, Safety & Environment

EIV Capital is a responsible steward for our extended workforce, the environment and the assets in which we invest.

Engaged Governance

EIV Capital serves the fiduciary mandate of our limited partners, and partners with our portfolio companies to ensure thoughtful governance and measurable risk management.

Community Involvement

EIV Capital and our portfolio companies positively contribute to the communities in which we operate.